Military Wet Panel Carrier

DIY: Military Wet Panel Carrier

I'm pretty cheap, and like to do-it-myself when it's feasible, so I put together this cool little damn-near-bullet-proof wet panel carrier.  I got the idea from a thread on Wetcanvas. I converted an ammo box that I got from a salvage yard here in Santa Rosa (but I'm sure most military surplus stores will carry them) into a 6x8 panel carrier. I got this steel-framed guy for 14 bucks, so it's even cheaper than one of those 20-dollar cardboard carriers. I would have gotten a bigger one, but they get HEAVY, very impractical for carrying into the field very far. I spray-painted it copper for extra coolness factor.

DIY: Military Wet Panel Carrier

I got a couple of 1/4" poplar rods and cut them to six 6" pieces, and also took a 3/4"x3.5" board and cut it to 6" pieces.

DIY: Military Wet Panel Carrier

I used Elmer's wood glue to adhere the poplar sticks to the wood.  It's secure enough to just hammer the glued pieces of wood in place.

DIY: Military Wet Panel Carrier

My box will hold 5 panels in place.  You can throw this thing across a field, and it will be fine!  They're meant to take a beating in war, after all...

I also made sure that the spacing between the two blocks of wood is about 8-1/4" apart so I can fit a standard 6x8 panel. If you really want to customize this box, cut a 1/4" slot into both sides of the box running from one end to the other. Drill a 1/4" hole into both sides of the blocks so you can fit a threaded rod into it. Put the block back into the box, then put the threaded rods through the slots into the block. Now put washers on the rods and wing nuts on both sides. Now you can slide the block in the carrier and adjust for smaller paintings. You can mark off standard sizes on the side of the carrier so you don't have to guesstimate the size you need.

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