Frame-saver Sticks

DIY: Frames-saver Sticks, by Lori Putnam

Here is a quick DIY project that will help reduce the risk of damage to your paintings and frames during transport. I layer paintings in my car, back to back and front to front, with these between each of the front-facing frames. Not only does it keep the frames from getting scratched, it provides stability and less sliding.

DIY: Frames-saver Sticks, by Lori Putnam
Area rug gripper, about $20 at department stores or online.

You'll need:
area rug gripper or shelf liner 
1x2 furring strips from a building supply
heavy duty stapler

DIY: Frames-saver Sticks, by Lori Putnam
1x2x8 inch furring strips from Home Depot only 97¢ ea.
1. With a saw, cut furring strips in various lengths. You will want at least two of each length you cut. I have some that are 32", some 42", and some 48" long. Lightly sand the ends to prevent splinters.

2. Cut strips of rug gripper that are the proper length for your wood strip, and wide enough to wrap around it about 2 times. This adds padding to the strip as well as a non-slip surface.

3. Secure padding with heavy duty staples.

DIY: Frames-saver Sticks, by Lori Putnam
DIY: Frames-saver Sticks, by Lori Putnam

NOTE to acrylic, gallery-wrap users: Do not use these directly between front-facing paintings.  The nature of acrylic to rubber in a hot car can cause sticking and damage. Only place them between back-facing paintings where stretcher bars will have direct contact.

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