Laguna Beach, CA
We don't really call ourselves a company, a school, or even a club. We're a family--a family of creative individuals united by a profound respect and enthusiasm for the beauty of self-expression and study in the field of plein air painting. We're committed to exploring new ways to help preserve our land and promote education in the arts via our PAL Exhibitions and PAL connections across the globe. We are also on a mission to unite those who are dedicated to learning and teaching en plein air so that we can provide even more plein air workshops and events locally and abroad. Are you interested in our cause? Click here to learn more about  becoming a member. There is a role that every level of plein air painter can embrace within or network. Whether you're still looking to purchase your first easel or you're breaking in your 20th one, if you're excited about the path, then we are excited to forge the direction.

Plein air is a term derived from the French phrase "en plein air", which literally means 'in the open air'. The term has become quite common in present day, but in the 1800s when the Impressionists headed outdoors into nature to study the effects of sunlight at different times of the day in the landscape, it was a revolutionary idea. There is something magical about learning to paint en plein air. Whether you're a true beginner or a professional plein air painter, our study of nature and our growth as a painter can be a lifelong pursuit if you let it. 
We operate plein air painting mini-workshops, workshop tours, classes and events in various locations in and around Petaluma, in most regions of California and in various locations throughout the USA and abroad. We are committed to fostering the plein air community within our local community and across the globe through mutual cultural exchange. We are committed to engaging and inspiring others with our personalized approach and with a particularly strong emphasis on low impact travel so as not to be "intrusive tourists". We also have high operating standards for providing socially responsible tours and a dedication to sustainable tourism.

Carole Gray-Weihman
Painter, Instructor and Founder-CEO of Plein Air Liaison, Carole loves engaging with other plein air painters, teaching and painting the landscape. She also enjoys web design and social media. 
You can also find her here: www.gray-weihman.com       CONTINUE READING MORE

Alfredo Tofanelli
Painter, Instructor and Advisory Board Member for Plein Air Liaison, Alfredo is passionate about painting the figure. Among his many talents, he's also known for his web development and computer technical know-how. You can also find him here: www.tofanellistudio.com       

Peggi Kroll Roberts
Painter, Instructor and Advisory Board Member for Plein Air Liaison, Peggi loves, loves, LOVES painting the figure. She keeps a personal blog here: www.krollrobertsstudio.blogspot.com
You can also find her here: www.krollroberts.com

Ray Roberts
Painter, Instructor and Advisory Board Member for Plein Air Liaison, Ray's passion is painting seascapes, landscapes and the figure in the landscape.
You can also find him here: www.krollroberts.com

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